Handloom Sarees are a reflection of the skills and artistic talent of weavers. They intricately weave threads into mesmerizing fabrics with utmost care. Each weave is unique in its detailing and each detail depicts art of Indian weavers. It takes months of patience and love of weavers to weave a fabric into such beautiful and subtle art.  

How to identify an original handloom saree?

As handlooms are hand-woven, each handloom is different from the other in its detailing. Real handloom sarees mostly have threads pulled at the end of fabric and tied as tassels. The reverse side of a hand-woven fabric is a replica to its front side, whereas a powerloom fabric will have lots of threads hanging. A handloom woven from pure silk, cotton or linen will have a soft and rich texture differentiating it from the powerloom fabric which is stiff in nature. Unlike a powerloom, a hand-woven fabric will have its own flaws and uneven surface which gives it a uniqueness and artistic beauty. Authentic handloom sarees have intricate and sharp floral, geometric, animal designs inspired from traditional art which is lacking in a powerloom.


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Why choose Handlooms over Powerlooms?

The art of hand-weaving a fabric has been an important aspect of Indian culture and tradition. This art has been forwarded to their heirs from one generation to next. Weavers pour out their love, care and patience to create an enchanting beauty. Artisans work hard to create minute detailing in its weaves and designs. Though handlooms take months to be weaved which is much more time than a powerloom is woven, handlooms have speciality and uniqueness in their nature and art. This art of the Indian weavers should be respected and appreciated by choosing handlooms rather than powerlooms. This will help encourage the artists for their talent all over the world and make a good living for them.

Different types of handloom Sarees

India has been famous for its different types of handlooms sarees like Kanjivaram handloom sarees, Banarasi handloom sarees, Khadi cotton sarees also called as Bengal handloom cotton sarees. The requirement of Indian handloom sarees worldwide has taken Indian culture and art to the next level. Though the cost of a handloom is more than a powerloom, the art and subtle beauty makes it all worth it.

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