Saree weavers of India have always been anxious to bring the best of textile industry to all of the world. They thrive to create something that is so beautiful and pleasing to eyes. The months of hardwork taken to complete a single masterpiece in which one can only adore and embrace their own beauty. The exquisite designs they craft on various colourful fabrics with immense love and care is commendable and unmatchable to the machine-made clothes. These handlooms emmit the vibrations of love and are a medium to express oneself. National Handloom Day is to appreciate these determined and treasured artisans of India.

National Handloom Day is celebrated on 7th August to honour the richest and most distinct heritage India possess. It is a tribute to the talented and aristic weavers of the textile industries. Narendra Modi, the Prime Minister of India first celebrated this day in Chennai on 7th Aug, 2015 to commemorate the Swadeshi moment that was started 1905 by the freedom fighters to support and empower more use of Indian goods and boycott of British goods.

Handlooms in India flourished since very long until the time of Industrial revolution. The machine-made fabrics started ruling the days due to its manufacturing speed. The demand increased with the coming days which was the beginning of the diminishing the art of handloom. But here is where we miss the point, today at the peak of pollution and population handlooms are the most sustainable and environment friendly option. It takes hardly and electricity and energy while weaving unlike the machine-made fabrics. National Handloom Day 2023 is the time we start caring for Mother Earth by thinking of solutions to machine-made fabrics.

Along with the speed, the cost of weaving also caused many weavers to switch the profession to make their livelihood. There was no one willing to pay the amount required for the immense hardwork and time the artisans put to weave fabrics and sarees. If this continued to happen, there will be a day where the coming generations of India will know nothing of the greatest heritage and art India has.

A handloom saree may cost more than the machine-made but has the depth of love where every thread is woven with love and affection of the weaver. Every saree unique and has the vibe that makes you feel joyous. 100 machine-made sarees cannot match that feeling of a handloom sarees. A handloom saree finds a way to satisfy the soul and adorn one’s beauty.

It is necessary that we support and empower the weavers to continue producing this beautiful art for us. We must appreciate the time and hardwork they put through to keep the craft alive.

The artistry of weaving is spread geographically In India depending on the weaving techniques, styles and designs. The skilled weavers in various corners of India create distinguished weaves which have their own significance. The Banarasi saree from Banaras, Kanchipuram saree from the village of Kanchipuram, Paithani sarees from Paithan, Jamdani sarees from West Bengal are irrestible beauties. 

We at Edhini thrive to bring you the pure and authentic handlooms straight from the weavers of corner of India. This year at the occasion of National handloom day, let us pledge to buy more and more handlooms to support the weavers and preserve this inherited culture of India. Jai Hind