Pure silk sarees are an Indian traditional outfit with lustrous and shining fabrics. A pure silk saree portrays royalty and richness every woman prefers to have during weddings and festivals. Pure silk sarees are a mark of celebration and happiness. Pure silk threads are naturally induced which help us to stay more natural and connected to Mother Earth. Katan Silk, Mulberry Silk are some of the pure types of silks used to craft the famous Banarasi silk sarees and Kanchipuram silk sarees

Now, where to start with the benefits a pure silk saree has to offer? The count of advantages is much more than a fake silk or synthetic saree could provide. Pure silk saree are incorporated with threads naturally made from silkworms while they make their cocoons on their journey to becoming a silkmoth. The threads of pure silk are as soft as a feather, shimmering and shining. Pure silk sarees with its ultra-soft touch have benefits to skin and soothing qualities which a polyester or nylon does not possess.

Fake silk sarees are plastic induced. As plastic goes, the cost of a fake silk saree is much less than a pure silk saree. Due to less cost of fake silk sarees, it is preferred at times but there is no gravity in the fabric or its quality.

As the manufacturing cost of fake silk saree is less, they are sold under the name of pure silk sarees at a very high cost. It is necessary to be aware of such scams and choose wisely while selecting a pure silk saree.

How to identify pure silk saree?

  • Pure silk sarees are mostly handwoven. Handloom silk sarees are the most artistic and beautiful which possess the vibrations of the talented weaver who weaves the masterpiece with love and care. Unlike machine-made, handloom sarees are prone to slight imperfections. These imperfections can help you to decide if the saree is pure silk.

  • The Burn Test : Burning a pure silk thread will turn to ashes. While burning a fake silk thread will melt like the plastic does.

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