Cotton saree is an all-occasion wear, an outfit you will find in the wardrobe of every Indian woman. The hot and humid temperatures have made cotton sarees a quintessential outfit. The soothing nature of cotton fabrics allows easy breathability which keeps the skin cool and calm. The most comfortable wear, handloom cotton sarees are known for its lightweight which makes them easy to handle and maintain. A cotton saree will give that ease and comfort feeling even on a hectic and tiring summer day. 

While reading about cotton sarees, the one thing that comes to your mind is the style and designs they incorporate. It seems to be an outfit for old aged women. You are at the right place to eliminate this misconception about cotton sarees.

cotton saree

Over the years, cotton sarees designs have advanced to unique features, bright colours and beautiful designs. These fresh colours and magnificent designs handcrafted into a cotton saree are as elegant as ever.

Pure cotton sarees with subtle motifs over the body of the saree and a beautiful medium sized border is a perfect choice for office wear on a summer day. It adds up effortlessness and sophistication to your look making it irresistible to admire.

jamdani saree

Cotton sarees are available in different types of weaving patterns and styles from various corners of India. West Bengal is well renowned for practising the art of Jamdani cotton sarees. Jamdani cotton sarees are crisp and refreshing cotton fabrics taking months of hard work of the artisans. The climate of West Bengal is favourable for the artwork of Jamdani sarees. West Bengal is also known for the soft textured khadi cotton sarees crafted in this region. Khadi cotton sarees are thick fabrics, light in weight and soft to touch with distinctive designs on the borders and pallu of the sarees. The south region of India is also the place where cotton sarees are manufactured. Kanchi cotton sarees, chettinad cotton sarees, Sambhalpuri cotton sarees are known for their own special and alluring designs.

handloom cotton saree

Among all the benefits a cotton saree has to offer, they come at an affordable rate. A bright colour cotton saree with a contrast colour blouse will give you a stylish and fashionable look. Put on this look with a neck piece to add up elegance and grace. Check out a beautiful cotton saree collection to beat the heat this summer.

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