Subtle richness of pure cotton sarees along with the factor of comfort that it provides to the skin grounds it as most used weaves among Indian women. As soft as cotton is, pure cotton sarees are light, super comfy and helps your skin breathe through. Indian climate being hot, cotton sarees are most commonly chosen to feel cool and soothing. The fabric absorbs the sweat and makes you feel cosy and pleasant during these days. Among other reasons, cotton being extensively produced in different regions of India, it is conventionally incorporated into fabrics and sarees in large amounts. But as the element of comfort and abundance of subtleness goes, cotton handlooms are now desired by the world.  

The fine-weaved pure cotton sarees pacify you that makes you feel connected to Mother Earth. It reminds you about the source being the Mother Earth, the natural cotton is as alleviating and calming as she is. This pure fabric is best suited for sensitive skins, it's non-allergic and controls moisture. 

May it be a formal or casual occasion cotton sarees is the most congenial option. The reason is they are super comfortable to work throughout with this attire on. They are easy to drape and show out one’s confident and elegant personality. The richness in texture and elegant designs have taken cotton sarees from casual wear tradition to mesmerizing ethnic wear. The bright saree colour assimilated with mesmerizing border and pallu designs give you a gracious look for any festive occasion.


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Over the years, there have been a wide variety of modern and lavishing pure cotton saree weaves are available. Geographically, they vary in texture, fabric, patterns and designs with every weave having its own significance.

Named after the region of origin, Kolkata handloom cotton sarees also known as Bengal handloom cotton sarees are considered to be the most ancient weaves and are available in different varieties like Jamdani, tant, muslin or khadi cotton saree. They are light-weighted, refined and styled best for formal or casual occasions.

Kanchipuram aka Kanjivaram is not only famous for alluring silk sarees but also for handloom cotton sarees made of Kanchi cotton. Kanjivaram handloom cotton sarees are pure grandeur because of its rich weaves and intricate designs of gold and silver. These sarees are available at modest rates and are appreciated by women from all over the world.

Famous worldwide from the state of Andhra Pradesh, Mangalagiri handloom cotton sarees are known for their exquisite weaves and Zari designs on border and pallu made of gold and silver. The uniqueness of these sarees is there are no motifs on its body and no gaps in the weaves towards the edges of the fabric. As many taking to handlooms and natural fabrics, Mangalagiri cotton sarees are most in demand globally because of its distinctive weaving.

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