Katan Silk Sarees

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    Katan Silk Banarasi Saree is a type of pure Banarasi Saree…
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    Pure Katan Silk Banarasi Handloom Saree originated in…
  3. Red Katan Pure Banarasi Silk Saree
    Banarasi Silk Saree is an exquisite creation of handloom…
  4. Mustard Yellow Pure Katan Banarasi Silk Saree
    Banarasi Saree originated in an ancient city of Varanasi or…
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Katan Silk Saree

Katan silk Banarasi saree is known for its texture, durability and luster. Katan meaning twisted is derived from Sanskrit word ‘Katantra’. The name came from its unique way of weaving in which the threads of Katan silk fabrics are tightly twisted making the fabric more durable and strong. The intricate weaving and sophisticated designs has made Katan silk saree a symbol of grace and beauty.

Banarasi Katan Silk Saree

Katan Banarasi Silk saree has a royal touch to it. The art and craft of handloom pure Banarasi silk saree was first introduced to India during the reign of Mughals. The members of the royal family used to wear clothes woven of pure silk that is Katan silk. Since then, the art of Banarasi Katan silk saree has become the heritage of India. The technique of weaving has been passed down to the next generations.

The intricate weaving of unique designs on the butter smooth silk fabric has made Banarasi Katan silk sarees gain a prominent place in the hearts of women. We must support the talent and hardwork of the weavers to keep this distinctive art alive for our coming generations..

Pure Katan Silk Banarasi Handloom Saree

Pure Katan silk saree is lustrous and rich fabrics with beautiful designs incorporated. Once you check the beautiful saree collection of Banarasi sarees, it stays in your mind until you shop. Such is the impact of Banarasi Katan silk sarees. Weddings and festival celebrations are incomplete without this beauty. The elegance and richness of the Banarasi sarees is all that you need to shine on special occasions.

Persian motifs, floral designs, kaccha mango motifs, paisleys and geometrical designs are crafted with threads of gold and silver on the borders and pallu of the saree. Katan silk saree are known for the big borders with subtle designs on its body.

Katan silk sarees make up a huge collection for celebrations like weddings, festivals and parties. They are best suitable for weddings with bright and beaming colors and elegant designs. While choosing among the best for special occasions, what can be a better option than a Banarasi Katan silk saree?

Original Katan Banarasi Saree

While shopping for the Banarasi pure silk saree, it is necessary to beware of fraud while we are paying the huge amount for an authentic and pure handloom saree.

Pure Katan silk is soft and sheen. The silk threads when burnt stay straight and do not melt like plastic.

To identify an original Banarasi saree you can on the reverse side of the silk fabric. An original handloom Banarasi saree will have vertically woven motifs.

The pin marks at the border of the saree are a sign of an original handloom saree as the fabric is attached to the loom using these pins.

Depending upon the designs, it takes one month or more to complete a masterpiece Katan silk saree. The cost of pure Katan silk saree is high to compensate for the hardwork and talent of the weavers.

Katan silk saree price

The cost of pure Katan silk saree ranges anything from 10,000 and above depending upon the zari designs.

The more colors incorporated the higher the price. This cost is worth the time and hard work put by the weavers to create alluring Katan silk saree

What is Katan silk ?

Katan silk is a type of pure silk fabric made from mulberry silk which is one of the finest quality and lustrous in nature. Katan silk has been largely used to weave the famous Banarasi silk saree. The shimmer and shine of Katan silk sarees is unmatchable to any other.

Katan silk threads are double twisted which creates a more durable and excellent quality fabric. The richness of the fabric and unique designs of Banarasi Katan silk saree are irresistible to choose from.

Is Katan silk pure silk?

Katan Silk is a form of pure silk majorly used in weaving Banarasi silk sarees. The way it is created by twisting filaments together gives it a unique and thin texture. This makes Katan silk durable and long-lasting pure silk.

Katan silk is considered as the best pure silk among the others. The elegance and beauty of Banarasi pure silk sarees makes it the best ethnic wear for weddings, festivals and parties.

Is Katan silk soft ?

Katan silk is soft, shimmering and the finest quality of fabric. This pure and high quality silk has made Katan silk Banarasi sarees famous throughout the world.

Is Katan silk heavy ?

Katan silk is lightweight and most comfortable to wear. The unique weaving process of Katan silk makes it light in weight, lustrous and durable.

What is a Katan silk saree ?

Katan silk saree is the pure silk sarees handwoven by the weavers at the shores of Ganges in Banaras. They are also called Banarasi silk sarees which are crafted with a unique way of weaving which makes the fabric strong and durable.

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