Kanjivaram Pure Silk sarees are cherished for years for their beautiful designs with touch of gold. Being a symbol of Indian heritage, Kanjivaram sarees display artistic possession of weavers. It’s authenticity and subtlety makes it a more valuable form of art and are a major part of festivities as well as wedding collections in India. 

The Dawn of art in South India

Kanjivaram aka Kanchipuram silk sarees are named after the village of its origin from South India. The descendants of sage Markanda, said to be the weaver for the Gods themselves, were the main weavers of the Kanjivaram silk sarees. Later in history, two weaving communities, the Devangas and Saligars from Andhra Pradesh settled in the village of Kanjivaram. They started weaving silk sarees with beautiful designs along with designs they saw on scriptures in temples around the villages. 


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Art in making

Kanjivaram silk is woven using pure mulberry silk along with pure gold and silver Zari. A Kanjivaram zari silk pallu is woven separately from its main saree body. A zigzag pattern appears called as pitni where the saree body is elegantly attached to the pallu. Though the exquisite making of Kanjivaram saree they are durable for years. Kanjivaram heavy sarees weigh up to 2 kilograms because of the fabric with gold and silver wires. Pure Kanjivaram saree price depend upon the intricacies of the work involved and purity of the zari used.

Elegance at its best

Kanjivaram wedding collection includes a variety of ethnic and traditional types of silk sarees with elegance of gold and silver. Kanjivaram sarees for bride are the best options during wedding seasons. Kanjivaram saree pattern on pallu and borders exquisitely made up of various geometric or floral designs or animal or human figures take the elegance to next level. Its colours and contrast gold as well silver touches get ethnic vibes from kanjivaram sarees for wedding as well as festive occasions. Such pure silk sarees with traditional art embrace women’s beauty and are super comfortable on skin. Draping Kanjivaram saree style in a simple way looks the best and classic at any occasion.

As Kanjivaram pure silk sarees have a specific geographical origin from village name Kanjivaram aka Kanchipuram in Tamil Nadu, this saree has been recognized as a geographical indication (GI) by the Government of India since 2005-06. The traditional art possessed by weavers from this town and the beauty in its form of art has been recognised all over the world. As an Indian it becomes our responsibility to uplift this rich art and culture to our further generations by more use of pure Kanjivaram silk sarees. These pure silk sarees will not only make you look beautiful but also keep you connected to our culture and Indian heritage.

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