Banarasi sarees are an integral part of weddings and festivals in India. Richness and grandeur Banarasi saree portray is acknowledged throughout the world. Saree is a timeless known outfit which is considered as ‘SATVIK’ meaning pure. A wedding or festival celebration is definitely incomplete without Banarasi Indian traditional outfit. It makes you look elegant and sophisticated and no matter what one cannot resist from admiring a woman's beauty in Banarasi saree.

The art of weaving sarees in the village of Banaras or Varanasi is said to be practised since the reign of Mughals who first introduced the artwork to the villagers. This cultural art has been preserved and passed down by the weavers residing at the shores of Ganges. Banaras has received GI tag by the Government of India as an patent mark for the beautiful and artistic handloom sarees being manufactured in the region.

Banarasi silk saree for wedding

Banarasi sarees are mostly crafted with bright and beaming coloured fabrics suitable for wedding ceremonies. A lustrous green for Mehendi ceremony, classic yellow for Haldi ceremony and auspicious red for the wedding day. Exclusive bridal collection of Banarasi sarees are designed with heavy zari motifs of gold and silver. Celebrities like Deepika Padukone, Anushka Sharma have been styled in Banarasi sarees for the wedding ceremonies. 

The Mughals believed it unethical to have animal and human figured motifs on their clothes. Hence floral and paisley butta was mostly preferred and is a famous motif even today on Banarasi sarees. They signify auspiciousness and are a mark of celebration.

Pure silk Banarasi saree also called Katan silk Banarasi saree is the pure silk which makes the saree fabric look lustrous, soft and shimmering. An original Banarasi saree will range from 10000 and above defending upon the zari design and colours used in the saree. Heavy look zari gives the gold or silver shine to its contrast fabric and are prime choices for bridal wear. 

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