Edhini Wallet | Store Credit

You can avail Edhini wallet privileges for online shopping only after successful registration and creation of an Account on edhini.com.

Recharge your Edhini Wallet

For Quick and easy Transactions, You can credit and securely stock the money in your wallet. Edhini Wallet is easily accessible to registered users from ‘My Account’. To recharge your Edhini Wallet You need to enter the amount and checkout to place your order from the cart. During this checkout You cannot add any other type of products/items to your cart. The Payment Details You provide must be true, complete, current and accurate. We do not bear any liability for the consequences if You provide false, incomplete or incorrect Payment Details. The currency of issue of the Edhini Credit shall be Indian Rupees (INR).

Edhini Wallet funds shall be available for transactions on edhini.com only. Transfer of funds from Your Edhini Wallet to Your bank Account or another user's Edhini Wallet shall not be permitted.

Pay with Edhini Wallet

You can use Your Edhini wallet as a payment method at the time of checkout to eliminate the long payment process and pay the total payable amount from the Edhini wallet if You have enough wallet amount. If the wallet does not have enough payable amount, then You can select other offline payment methods for paying the remaining amount.While checking out with Edhini Wallet, You can also have a look for the total wallet amount, payable amount and the wallet amount to be left.