Saree is an Indian traditional outfit worn by women since ages. It is considered as the most ‘Satvik’ meaning virtuous outfit which has its roots in Indian culture and traditions. A timeless outfit, also known to us from the epic story of Mahabharata. The event when Shree Krishna saves his sister Dropadi’s chastity with layers of a never ending saree. This outfit has been known to Indians since and has been one of the most important parts of Indian heritage and culture.

Why wear a saree ?

  • Perfect for every occasion

    May it be a wedding or casual or formal occasion you can surely find a saree suitable and perfect for that occasion. Indian festivals and weddings are incomplete without a saree. The ethnic and alluring look of saree is unmatched to any other. Sarees are a mark of celebration for every woman to cherish and admire themselves during the occasion of happiness and joy. A saree is also the best formal wear for women at offices as it makes you feel dignified along with the comforting nature it provides. Indian air hostesses and women at other government offices have saree as their dress code to represent saree as the Indian traditional wear.

  • Suitable for women with all shape and sizes

    Irrespective of your shape and size every woman can opt to wear a saree for elegance and grace. Wearing a saree will never make you feel discriminated against based on your body shape and size. It not only makes you look beautiful however your body shape and size may be but also makes you feel comfortable. The artistic beauty saree adds up to your own and makes you love yourself more.

  • Best choice for all seasons

    Without any second thought, cotton and linen sarees would make up the best collection for you to wear in any season. Cotton and linen sarees give you the natural vibes and keep you connected to nature. They are super comfy, lightweight and breathable for the skin. Hot and humid climate of India is not a hectic day to pass when wearing a stunning saree.

  • Sarees and its roots in India

    India being a diverse country, every culture here has its own forte in terms of clothing. Every culture in India has its own special and unique type of weave, designs, weaving techniques and ways of styling a saree. Maharastrians wear the saree in nauvari style meaning nine folds, Gujarati’s drape saree with seedha pallu as the pallu is kept on the front side, Bengali saree draping style is called as aatpoure meaning eightfold.

    Sarees make you look elegant and graceful in any style draped. It gives you a charming and subtle vibe that any western outfit cannot emit. Positive energy flows from within which makes your inner soul happy and you cannot stop but keep admiring your beauty while wearing a saree.

    As anything naturally made is healthy for humans, sarees made of natural threads of silk, cotton and linen keep your skin healthy, breathable and positive vibrations flowing through the skin. Though there are many benefits, the count of women wearing sarees is reducing as the western fashion keeps dominating. It becomes our responsibility to keep up our traditional outfit living within our young generations and promote more use of pure and handloom sarees.

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