Silk sarees are the traditional, elegant and most commonly chosen outfit by women for a wedding, festival or any special occasion. Regardless of the age, every woman has a pile of silk sarees stacked in the wardrobe. Silk sarees are known for their lustrous and shimmering surface. Various silk sarees such as Banarasi silk sarees, Kanchipuram silk sarees, soft silk sarees that are handwoven need extra care to be taken. Threads of handloom saree fabrics are loose to those compared to machine woven fabrics. If not properly maintained, the shining and rich texture fabrics of silk sarees may wear off. It becomes necessary to follow some important tips to increase longevity of the saree.

How to store silk sarees at home?

  • Sarees must be stored at a cool and dry place in your wardrobe.
  • Prefer use of cotton or muslin saree bags to keep silk sarees in your wardrobe. Cotton bags soak in the moisture and help avoid friction. 
  • Use of hanger can also be done to store silk sarees. 
  • Use of plastic bags must be avoided for natural made silk and cotton fabrics as they may develop patches on the fabrics.
  • It is necessary to unfold the silk sarees once a month as the delicate handloom sarees have a tendency to tear at the folds.
  • Placing moisture-absorbents in your wardrobe is advisable to soak all the moisture away and keep the place dry. Use of dry neem leaves can also be done as they have antifungal properties.

How to wash silk sarees at home?

  • Silk sarees must be washed in running cool water under the tap and later apply a gentle shampoo and rinse in cool water.
  • First wash of the silk saree must be without using any soap at all.
  • Wash the borders and pallu of the silk saree separately at first.
  • Use of strong detergent, washing machine, and harsh brushing must be completely avoided. 
  • Avoid wrapping up the saree together after the wash and let it dry as soon as possible. Prefer placing silk sarees in a shaded area to avoid fading as silk fabrics dry very fast.
  • While pressing the saree, set the iron heat to medium or low range.
  • However dry cleaning is completely recommended for silk sarees to avoid losing of its texture and colour.