Cotton wear known to us as comfort wear is the most underrated outfit. Though we Indian women love to wear handloom cotton sarees, there is a serious misconception lingering among us that cotton sarees are suitable and worn by older women. A trendy and  modern designed handloom cotton saree can also be the best option for a school girls’ farewell party. Going for an interview, office meeting, a formal party? A trendy pure cotton saree is what you are looking for. It will never let you down in case of fashion and comfort. Once draped, it is the most easy to handle outfit and gives you the confidence to cherish and admire your beauty.

Which types of saree are best for daily wear?

For years, Indian women have worn cotton saree daily. This number is more amongst the Indian housewives. They tend to do all their household work wearing cotton saree. This is due to the factor of comfort, easy to handle and maintain the saree once draped. Working women looking for comfort wear during the hectic office hours must have a pure cotton saree collection. Handloom cotton sarees are most affordable with a variety of weaves and designs to choose from.

For party wear, which colour cotton saree is perfect?

Looking for something lightweight, super comfy, subtle yet dazzling outfit for a party? A beautiful and soft red pure cotton saree is the one. Beaming red colour cotton threads intertwined with gold zari threads make the perfect combination for a party wear. The unique brocades crafted using the traditional weaving technique called Jamdani give the artistic touch to this elegant

What material of saree is good in summer?

Shopping for cotton saree is a summer tradition to make up with the hot and humid temperatures especially in India. Indians prefer to wear cotton clothes during the summer time. The thinness and nature of cotton fabrics allows air to pass through, keeps the human skin cool, reduces the humidity on the skin and makes you feel comfortable.

Where can I buy pure cotton sarees online?

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