5000 years earlier, silk threads were discovered in China. One day, a queen named Xi Lingshi was drinking tea in her garden. From a nearby mulberry tree a cocoon fell into her tea. That cocoon remained in her tea. After sometime removing that cocoon from tea she realised a very soft, shining, monolithic thread was coming out of that cocoon. This was that beautiful silk thread. For many years later the technique of how the silk thread is made was known only to the Chinese people. Slowly and gradually this secret was revealed to the whole world.

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Today, the whole world uses silk threads. In India the marketplace for silk thread is wide. The silk sarees manufactured in India are appreciated and famous throughout the world. There is huge variety in the types of silk sarees designed and manufactured by the weavers in India in India. If you are thinking of buying a silk saree with closed eyes the best option among them is Kanchipuram soft silk sarees.

Suitable for every age and function, soft silk saree is lightest in weight and most comfortable wear. As the threads of silk fabric are made out of nature, the rising temperature in summers does not affect the human skin when wearing this saree. The body of soft silk saree is the softest in nature. That is why wearing a soft silk saree is an alluring experience. The border, pallu and prints are not fixed and decided unlike the legacy sarees. Modern and variant designs are the speciality of soft silk sarees. You will find a wide variety of patterns in soft silk sarees. Soft silk designer sarees have various beautiful design fusions crafted on them. This designer saree sometimes uses soft silk threads along with one jute thread to make a mesmerising fabric.

Due to the importance of softness in soft silk saree, there is mostly no zari work done in these sarees but silk designs woven on them. The shine of the soft silk saree stays intact for years and years. Borderless soft silk sarees are prime choice for corporate parties. Quick and easy to drape, having a corporate look is a very graceful outfit.