Khadi Cotton Saree is one of the most authentic casual ethnic Saree for women to have. Soothing fabric, easy maintenance are factors that make a pure cotton saree a must buy for every Indian woman. These Beautiful cotton sarees also give a classy and elegant saree look.

Remember the history of India, when Mahatma Gandhi promoted the use of handloom khadi fabrics during the freedom struggle in India in order to make our country self-reliant and make use of swadeshi goods. It is the responsibility of our generation to use more handmade goods in India, support our weavers and become vocal for locals.

A khadi cotton saree is always assumed to be a casual formal or office wear which is not true. Apart from casual saree like plain khadi cotton saree with elegant designs on border and pallu which are best for formal occasions there are also various ethnic wear or party wear khadi cotton sarees with beautiful, mesmerising designs, bright and beaming colours. Khadi cotton sarees are light in weight, soft to touch, easy to carry and maintain best on an occasion such as a wedding or a party.

In India, summer comes with hot temperatures and weddings to attend. Summer wear clothes are a mandatory inclusion in your wardrobe during this season. So if you have a wedding or a party to attend in the hot and humid summer season, a Khadi Cotton Saree would be the right choice. Handloom Khadi Cotton sarees are the pleasant and best material for summer wear.

What is khadi cotton saree ?

Khadi Cotton is a handspun or handwoven cotton cloth. Khadi word is derived from the urdu word ‘khaddar’

A khadi cotton saree is a cotton saree which is handwoven on the spinning machine called ‘CHARKHA’ after a strenuous process of cleaning, combing and carding, all done by hand. Khadi is one of the finest fabrics manufactured in India. Khadi cotton sarees are not only the most comfortable summer cotton sarees but have adaptability to all seasons. It provides warmth in winter and cool in summer.


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Khadi Cotton sarees come in a variety of ethnic floral, animal and geometrical designs. There are a variety of handloom cotton sarees weaves such as sambalpuri cotton saree, begumpuri saree, chettinad cotton saree, assam khadi cotton saree, Jamdani Saree and Bengali cotton saree.

Jamdani saree are often a mixture of gold and cotton threads woven on the loom giving it a ethnic touch, best suited as a wedding wear or a party wear. Decorative floral and geometrical motifs are crafted, seeming to float on the fabric.

Bengal Khadi cotton sarees is named after its geographical origin. This cotton saree is light weight and most comfortable fabrics woven to suit the hot and humid climate.

A Khadi cotton saree price may vary depending on its quality and weave. A basic khadi saree is the most affordable ethnic dress for women to buy for everyday use.

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